September 28, 2020

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Top Ten Seder superheroes

Found here:

10. Passover Knight–He’s always different from all other knights.

9. MatzahMatzahMan–Within 18 minutes, this superhero can flatten himself and escape anything, even Pharaoh!

8. KarpasGirl-She makes any veggie taste as good as ice cream–primarily because you’re so hungry.

7. Betty Catwoman–her elliptical pupils open and close so quickly, she can see the tiniest speck of hametz in the dark.

6. Man-ishtanah–His Wi-Fi enhanced brain links him invisibly to the Internet so he can “google” the answer to all FAQs.

5. Eli-yahoo–An invisibility cloak allows him to enter any home he chooses without being seen.

4. Napkin Nelly–Every cell in her brittle body absorbs stray liquid, especially wine and food stains on fancy tablecloths.

3. The Bitter Herb–This is your uncle Herb who never stops asking, “When do we eat?”

2. Wonder Woman-This is what we call your mom after doing so much work for the Seder!

1. AfikoMan-He disappears instantly, but when you find him, you’ve got all the power in the world!

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