January 18, 2021

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Yemen news says Israel benefits from Arab problems, implying Israel is behind them


Yemen-24 says that Israel is the beneficiary of all Arab problems. It doesn’t make the next logical leap to say that Jews are behind all those problems, but of course its readers are familiar with the Protocols – they don’t have to be told.

Here are the Arab problems that supposedly benefit Israel:

The chemical weapons massacre in Idlib: Israeli politicians protested the chemical weapon attack very publicly, therefore making Israel look moral by comparison.


Next: Israel benefits from the split between Fatah and Hamas. Obviously.

Third: The Islamic State in the Sinai. “The existence of terrorists in the Sinai to serve Israel’s interest directly, but also indirectly ..because Israel wants to wear down the Egyptian army.”

Fourth: Chaos in Yemen. This “created an opportunity for Israel to exploit the situation in order to smuggle 17 Jews from Yemen to the Jewish state.”

Fifth: Iraq. Israel is supposedly helping Kurds “massacre Muslims” and export oil to Israel. Well, the

Oh, here’s the picture to illustrate the story, although it came from an Illuminati conspiracy theory site.

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