December 7, 2022

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The Wokist World of Al Beeb

By Daphne Anson


An excellent discussion here, centrally featuring former BBC journalist Robin Aitken, about the BBC’s “cultural smear” of “mainstream opinion” that now infects not only news and current affairs but ensures anachronistic politically correct propaganda to infect historical drama.

Mr Aitken notes, inter alia, the BBC’s obvious anti-Brexit stance and extraordinary one-sided BBC hostility to Donald Trump

This drift reflects the cultural elites’  “contempt” of sections of British society and the complete takeover of the BBC  by people who are “culturally liberal”.

It also reflects the BBC mindset of “the journalist as pundit”, interpreting the news in a way designed to influence the opinions of the viewing and listening public.

It is a world in which “diversity” of all sorts is lauded and adopted, but in which the only diversity disallowed is political. 

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