June 24, 2019

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"The Existential Threat to Liberal Democracies"


By Daphne Anson


A searing look at the way the so-called European Court of Human Rights is bedeviling human rights in Europe.

Another on the plight of child brides in (and outside) the land of the mullahs.

And Douglas Murray on Islam’s hostility to Jews, as revealed in a recent grubby incident in Britain regarding commemoration of the Holocaust.

Not inappropriately, here’s long video from the Milken Institute featuring a panel discussion in London last month on mass migration into Europe, in which panellist Gemma Mortensen, who’s no advocate of closed borders, nevertheless readily empathises with those of the European public who fear what she calls “the existential threat to liberal democracies” that current policies appear to pose.

The panellists who own the debate are the ever-wise Ayaan Hirsi Ali (who warns of the cultural baggage so many of the newcomers, entailing values that sit ill with European values, and which, inter alia, involve violence and misogyny), and the equally perceptive Mr Murray.


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