June 24, 2019

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Egyptian paper says Rothschilds stole billions in Dead Sea gold and minerals


In 1927, the Evening Standard described all of the riches that could be found in the Dead Sea. I found a Popular Science article in 1929 that echoed it:

According to an Egyptian newspaper, the Rothschild family knew of these unimaginable riches worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and that was the reason that they forced the British government to issue the Balfour Declaration to Lord Rothschild.

The writer of the paper takes pains to say that ordinary Jews, and even ordinary Israelis, don’t necessarily know about this – even though, we are told, they are really Khazars and not Jews. But the Zionist leaders manipulated the media and the Jews in order to make it appear that Jews always wanted to return to Israel even though that is complete fiction made up “more than fifty years ago.” It was all to cover up the Rothschild’s greed for Dead Sea riches.

It’s a good thing we have Arabic media to explain the truth.

As an interesting footnote, although Dr. Georges Claude was a well-known and brilliant French scientist who invented the neon light and a method to liquefy gases as well as a method to generate power from ocean thermal energy, he ended up collaborating with the Nazis.

As far as I know, no one has yet mined gold in the Dead Sea.

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