September 28, 2020

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Stephen Sizer "Very Impressed With the Control of the March Participants"

By Daphne Anson


One of the “apologists”
Some of the haters; see footage here

 Note the Hezbollah flag (not thesole represntative of its kind carried by marchers) and Neturei Karta’s Rabbi Aharon Cohen, like Sizer no stranger to conferences in Teheran.

Our old mate the ex-vicar of Virginia Water has got around to putting his Al Quds Day in London 2018 remarks on his personal blog.  He cynically evokes Dr Martin Luther King.

Click on link below the photo:

Shameless Sizer evokes Martin Luther King

For a better insight into our old mate’s chutzpah in evoking Dr King see here and here

Some of the vicar’s relevant comments:

Oh yeah?:

For David Collier’s searing account of the march the vicar extols see here
It comes complete with this video of a woman who baited pro-Israel counter-demonstrators:

Shocked at those taunts, Stephen Sizer?

A madwoman, some people might say.  Uh-huh. But then Julius Streicher was a madman.

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