May 30, 2020

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Senior rabbis dismiss ruling allowing Passover by ZOOM

Israel’s senior rabbis declared that it was not allowed to bring isolated family members together via video conferencing for the Passover seder, the Times of Israel reports.
The Chief Rabbinate on Tuesday issued guidelines for Passover in the age of coronavirus, saying it was not permitted to hold the traditional Seder by videoconference and dismissing a previous ruling by several rabbis who said it was allowed.

Ashkenazi chief rabbi David Lau and Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef in a photo taken  in 2015

 In what may have been one of the boldest rulings issued on technology in recent years, 14 Sephardic Orthodox rabbis in Israel last week declared that families may conduct their shared Seder over videoconference, despite Orthodox religious law normally banning the use of electronic devices on Shabbat and festivals.

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