March 9, 2021

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Rare video of "Talmudic rituals" at Temple Mount this morning

Palestine Today has video of Jews “performing rituals” – meaning, praying – at the Temple Mount, apparently this morning.

You will be treated to seeing Jews standing still, or softly swaying, in absolute silence, for 52 seconds.

See the horror!

If they would, say, play soccer, that would be OK. But look how disruptive and hostile this is! Understand how this could lead to a religious war!

Of course Amnesty and Human Rights Watch won’t defend the rights of Jews to pray in their holiest place, as required by international law. They are a menace who are provoking Muslim feelings!

In the end, it is not Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount that upsets the Muslims. It is Jews existing there.

And not a single international NGO will defend the Jewish right to even visit their holiest place, let alone to respectfully pray there. Because it upsets the bigots who want it to remain Judenfrei, and the human rights of racists and bigots are far more important than that of Jews.

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