January 21, 2019

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Pro-Israel Activists Face Anti-Israel Haters in London (video)


By Daphne Anson


A raw and raucous anti-Israel crowd, bolstered by a contingent of Neturei Karta nutjobs (prominent among, if I’m not mistaken, them the chap who marched with Nazim Ali at this event), protest the London visit of Ehud Barak and JW3‘s interview with him.  But they don’t have an easy time of it, for Jonathan Hoffman and other pro-Israel activists, many carrying Israeli flags, have also turned out, and so have a squad of Mr Plods.


Some days earlier, placard-waving, screeching, chanting and singing Israel-haters vent their spleen outside the Albert Hall, protesting the Israel 70th birthday celebration inside.  “Enjoy your shame?” screams the ubiquitous Sandra at one reveller, whom another protester harangues with the taunt “You support 70 years of terrorism!”  A guitar-strummer sings “We are all Palestinians now” and adds a new one to his repertoire, “Palestine, Where the Olive Trees Die”, to the tune of Gershwin’s Summertime.  At one point a policeman cops an earful from Sandra, but it’s hard to make out.


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