January 21, 2019

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Algerian newspaper defends its antisemitic cartoons


The US State Department, in its annual human rights report, says in its section on Algeria:

In August the private newspaper, Echourouk El Youmi published a cartoon depicting a Jewish man with a Star of David on his sleeve clutching the surface of a globe, appearing to promote stereotypes of Jewish world domination. Also in August, Echourouk El Youmi published an article claiming that Jews had been plotting against Muslims for centuries, that Jews were responsible for most of the disasters that have befallen Muslims, and that Jews controlled the media, cinema, art, and fashion.

A columnist in that same newspaper is very upset at the allegations – and proves how antisemitic he is.

Rachid Ould Bouceifa writes about the Jews of Algeria as if they were never part of the country to begin with, and then complains that they took the side of the French. Proof of this is that after Algeria gained independence. most Jews emigrated to France. It couldn’t have had anything to do with how they were treated, right?

He adds how some Jews blackmailed Arabs in Algeria.

And then he says that the cartoons are not antisemitic, ridiculing the idea that one cannot make fun of Jews in a symbolic way by means of caricature (I guess he means that everyone knows that Jews aren’t literally holding the entire planet in their hands, duh.)

Bouceifa is also upset at the idea that antisemitism is even looked upon as a human rights issue. The very idea that someone would be concerned over it shows that Jews position themselves as being somehow superior to other humans.

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