July 12, 2020

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Pallywood from Linda Sarsour’s charity


I wrote yesterday about Baitulmaal, the Hamas-linked charity that Linda Sarsour is raising money for to supposedly help ready Gaza for a coronavirus outbreak.

I included this photo from their website of Baitulmaal members on the ground in Gaza, apparently aiding a disabled man.

This photo seems to be a staged photo of a healthy man who is posing with crutches.

A reader who has had nine separate leg and foot injuries and who has had to re-learn how to walk each time saw a number of issues with how this supposedly disabled man was holding his crutches.

The Crutches- the crutches are way up in the man’s armpits. Unless he is much taller and really leaning forward (he isn’t) no one has ever fitted the crutches to his height. Now Palestinian medicine is not so hot but one has to assume when he was given the crutches they fitted him for his height. Note too they are angled forward, which is common when you stop and want to rest but if the crutches were directly lined up with his feet, they would be higher than his armpits and would have to be angled outward. They are 6-7” in front of his feet meaning they would be at least 2-3” higher up his armpits if they were vertical.

The Arms- the man’s arms are bent such that if he straightened his arms, his feet would be 6’ off the ground. His arms are thin and do not show the biceps and shoulders from extensive use of crutches, definitely a rookie.

Fingers and Handle The Right Hand- no one has 2 fingers off the handle around the vertical bar. Some like me will use one finger for better control, most people, especially first time users have all their fingers on the handle. Left Hand- has one finger looped, why one finder on one hand and two on the other? This makes no sense. I get that he has stopped so they can take his picture but one does not hold crutches like that if you need them to balance (which is the whole point of crutches).

Conclusions: the man using crutches appears to be pretending to use the crutches or he has just recently gotten them and no one has bothered to fit them to him. It is possible the image distorts his posture but his feet are not that far back from the forward position of the crutches. It is possible this is a healthy man posing with crutches.

This all rings true. The man is putting virtually all his weight on his supposedly injured legs.

If Baitulmaal is faking photos of its own accomplishments in Gaza, it is probably lying about many other things.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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