December 7, 2022

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Palestinians hated Obama just as much as they hate Trump

Every year, Gallup polls the world for their attitudes towards American leadership.

In 2013, 80% of Palestinians disapproved of the job performance of Obama administration. This was the highest disapproval rating in the world at the time.

Things didn’t change much during his last year in office, when the disapproval rate among Palestinians of the US leadership was at 79%.

In 2007, under Bush, the disapproval rating was 83%.

And now? In the 2019 survey (for 2018), the Palestinian disapproval rating for the Trump administration was 81%.

The Palestinian attitude towards the US barely changed under the most pro-Palestinian administration ever compared to the previous and following administrations.

There is a strange mindset among many that if only the West would be nicer to those who hate us, then they wont hate us as much. These people think that goodwill will be reciprocated. But it doesn’t work that way: it didn’t work with Iran and it didn’t work with the Palestinians.

When people say they hate you, giving in to their demands doesn’t make you more loved.

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