June 18, 2018

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15-Mar-17: Sbarro and justice

March 15, 2017 Ian

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/blogspot/jNPo/~3/gVCpjj3G5ik/15-mar-17-sbarro-and-justice.html We had the privilege yesterday of being asked by Prof. William A. Jacobson of the excellent Legal Insurrection site to write comment for his article “U.S. to seek extradition of Ahlam Tamimi, the Savage […]

The UN Human Wrongs Council – again

March 15, 2017 Ziy0nadmin

https://anneinpt.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/the-un-human-wrongs-council-again/The UN Human Rights Wrongs Council isn’t exactly back to its old tricks again. It never left them in the first place! Hillel Neuer of UN Watch gives us a brief outline of the character […]

15-Mar-17: Again tonight: A Gazan rocket in search of Israelis

March 15, 2017 Ian

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/blogspot/jNPo/~3/pnrBIOR6Awc/15-mar-17-again-tonight-gazan-rocket-in.html From a documentary video about Sdot Negev [here] A rocket from Gaza crashed into southern Israel tonight around 10:15 pm, landing in the Sdot Negev region in what Ynet calls “an empty and uninhabited […]

The Most Pro-Israel President Ever (or is he?)

March 15, 2017 Eldad Tzioni

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-most-pro-israel-president-ever-or.html Last night, Elder of Ziyon held a symposium in Jerusalem entitled Donald Trump: Good for the Jews?  Elder and 4 bloggers, Brian of London, Gidon Shaviv, Adam Levick, and I tackled related topics. Here […]

What If…?

March 15, 2017 Richard Landes

http://www.theaugeanstables.com/2017/03/15/what-if/What If…? What if “right-wing” Israel is right about why the peace process has failed? What if negotiations repeatedly failed because the Palestinians used every occasion to demand concessions from Israel and broke them off […]

Liberals without memory: Fisking Roger Cohen on Geert Wilders

March 15, 2017 Richard Landes

http://www.theaugeanstables.com/2017/03/15/liberals-without-memory-roger-cohen-on-geert-wilders/Roger Cohen has another of his patented editorials, this time about Geert Wilders. Rapid fisking below.  Somebody Else’s Babies Roger Cohen MARCH 14, 2017 And so it begins. With the Dutch election on Wednesday, Europe […]

EoZ symposium on Trump in Jerusalem last night (video)

March 15, 2017 Eldad Tzioni

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2017/03/eoz-symposium-on-trump-in-jerusalem.html Last night I hosted a symposium on the topic, “Donald Trump: Good for the Jews?” The four panelists who gave talks were Brian of London from Israellycool, Varda Meyers Epstein from EoZ, and well-known […]

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