October 24, 2020

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Not Only Fools in April


By Daphne Anson


Paris, 2014: New York Times image

Fools all the year round.

They are leaders and activists, Jewish and non-Jewish, who pussyfoot around the issue of Muslim antisemitism, afraid to call its name.

 American lawyer and political analyst Judith Bergman, citing as her focus example this event, has the measure of  Muslim antisemitism’s craven deniers and the consequences of their unwillingness to tell the story like it is:

“The unwillingness to address Islamic Jew hatred at conferences dedicated to exploring the topic of antisemitism does not only represent an astounding pandering to the worst kind of political correctness. It depressingly mirrors the extent to which governments all over the world barely dare to mention the issue of Islamic Jew hatred and supremacism, without performing a little dance of dhimmitude every time they are confronted with the issue, professing that Islam is not the problem.

Most of all, however, the unwillingness of these antisemitism conferences to recognize the Islamic threat against Jews today represents an appalling betrayal of fellow Jews who have fallen victims to Muslim Jew hatred. They send the unmistakable signal to especially European leaders that they can go on pretending that the criminal acts perpetrated against European Jews by local Muslims have nothing to do with Islam and that they should just keep focusing on right wing antisemitism.” 

 Read her searing article here

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