April 13, 2021

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L’Chaim – Israel – To Haim – a story of so many lives lost


Listing Jews named Haim who were innocent victims of terrorism and the conflict. Not soldiers, but family men and children going about their day. How many can there be? Like all my research, the tragic truth is always heartbreakingly worse than the imagination.

To Haim. To all of them.

On October 13 2015 Haim Haviv was sitting on a bus in Jerusalem. He was out shopping with his wife Shoshana. He was 78 years old. Chaim had arrived in Israel from Iraq with his parents and ten siblings at the age of 11. Two Palestinian terrorists got onto the bus and started shooting and stabbing passengers. Haim was murdered by the terrorists. The attack took four lives. Haim’s wife was left seriously injured.

Chaim Yechiel Rothman was an orthodox Jew. On the morning of November 17 2014 he was praying in the Kehilat Yaakov Synagogue in Jerusalem. Two Palestinian terrorists entered the synagogue, shouted ‘allahu akbar’ and began slaughtering the Jewish congregation. One of the terrorists was shooting at point blank range, the other was hacking at people with a meat cleaver.  Rabbi Chaim Rothman battled hard but never recovered. He died whilst still in a coma from his injuries in late October 2015 – almost a whole year after the attack. The attack also claimed five other victims.

On Aug 31, 2010 thirty-seven year old Kochava Even Chaim from Beit Hagai caught a lift home with her friends Yitzhak and Talya Ames. Their vehicle was attacked by Palestinian terrorists in a drive by shooting. All four passengers of the vehicle were hit by numerous shots from close range and pronounced dead at the scene. Kochava’s husband was in the initial response medical team that arrived to help the victims, only to discover his wife was amongst them.

On January 9 2007, Emi Haim Elmaliah went to work in his bakery in Eilat, the city he was born and raised in. He had opened the bakery just six months before. A Palestinian terrorist chose the bakery as a soft target for a suicide attack. The Islamic Jihad and the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack. At the time these factions were fighting each other, and they reasoned that by joining together to kill Jews, they would help heal their own wounds. Emi was one of three civilians who died at the scene.

December 5 2005 Haim Amram, 26, went to the shopping mall in Netanya where he worked as a security guard. Haim would never return home again. A Palestinian suicide bomber attempted to enter the mall to inflict maximum carnage but alert security guards became suspicious and approached the terrorist. Haim paid with his life for his bravery. Five people died in that attack – but for Haim’s actions, it could have been many more.

On February 2 2004, Yehuda Haim, 48, got onto a 14A bus in Jerusalem. Haim was a disabled veteran. Nobody noticed the Palestinian terrorist who got on the bus. The suicide attack took place at about 8:30 a.m. as the crowded, rush-hour bus was making its way downtown. The terrorist murdered eight people, including Haim. Haim is survived by his wife and three children.

Meir Haim had just been watching his favourite football team practise, as he made his way back through the old central bus station in Tel Aviv. The date was 5th January 2003. The bus station was hit with a double suicide bombing and Meir was waiting at a bus stop when the first Palestinian terrorist detonated his device. The suicide bombers slaughtered 23 people. Meir Haim was survived by his wife and five children.

Haim Amar was 56 years old. He had gone to help operate a polling booth for party elections on November 28 2002. As he worked at the polling station in Beit She’an, two terrorists opened fire and threw grenades. Haim was one of six people killed in the attack. He was survived by his wife and four children.

Rafael Haim was spending the evening at a crowded game club in Rishon Lezion. It was May 7 2002. The club was located on the third floor of a building. The suicide bomber used a powerful device that caused a partial building collapse. Rafael Haim had worked his whole life and retired only two months before. He had immigrated to Israel with his family from Iraq when he was just 11. Rafael was one of fifteen to die that night in the attack. He was survived by his wife and six children.

Haim Smadar was a security guard at the Kiryat Yovel supermarket in Jerusalem. Haim was born in Tunis. On March 29, 2002 he was murdered as he did his job, by an 18 year-old Palestinian suicide bomber. The oddity here was that the suicide bomber was female. She approached the store, told Arab workers outside to get away and then made her way to the entrance. Haim tackled her to stop the terrorist getting inside the shop. She denotated the device killing Haim and another innocent bystander, Rachel Levy, who was just 17. Once again a security guard paid for his bravery with his life. Haim was survived by his wife and six children.

Avraham Haim Rahamim was out having fun on Saturday night. It was about 22:30 on March 9th 2002 and Jerusalem would have been buzzing as it always does at this time after Shabbat. Haim was at Cafe Moment, a busy cafe in Rehavia when the suicide bomber struck. The Palestinian terrorist walked into a busy coffee shop, looked around and then massacred the people there. Eleven civilians were murdered, 50 more were injured.

Haim Ben-Ezra was 76. Haim Ben-Ezra was a staunch Zionist who had immigrated to Israel from Morocco in 1971. On October 4 2001 he was at Afula bus station when it attacked by a Palestinian terrorist. It was the Jewish festival of Sukkot and Haim was on his way to buy groceries for the holidays. His wife and two of his sons were both sick and Haim had been the one looking after them. The terrorist, dressed in IDF military fatigues, opened fire, killing three Israelis. Haim died at the scene.

On May 6 1998, Haim Kerman, 28, was passing through Lion Gate St. in Jerusalem when he was ambushed and attacked by Palestinian terrorists. He was stabbed to death. Haim left behind two children.

December 31 1993. Chaim Weizman and his friend David Bizi were found murdered in a Ramle apartment. Left behind in the flat as proof of their kill, were the identity cards of the two Palestinian terrorists that murdered them. A PFLP leaflet was also left behind as a calling card of the terrorist organisation that wanted to take responsibility for the terror attack.

On October 29 1993 Chaim Mizrahi went to buy eggs at a poultry farm. He was kidnapped by three terrorists, murdered and his body burned. His charred body was found in a burnt-out car. The terrorists were from Fatah, Yasser Arafat’s organisation, and this was just one month after the Oslo peace process was signed. Chaim was 30 years old.

Feb 28 1988. Chaim Tacktoc was born in Tunis in 1940. In February 1988 he went missing. Chaim’s body was found five months later in the basement of a warehouse in Ramle.  The Arab landlord had murdered Haim as part of the ‘uprising’ -‘Intifada’.

On June 27 1986, Haim Azran was shopping at a market in Gaza. The intifada had not yet started. Haim was 35 years old and had come to Israel from Morocco. As he stopped at a stall to buy some grapes, a terrorist slit his throat. Haim managed to stumble his way to seek help at a medical post nearby but had lost too much blood and died from his wounds. He was survived by his wife Rinat and his four children.

15 Dec 1970. Haim Shekel was driving a truck containing building materials from Sderot to Gaza. On his way back he was ambushed by terrorists. He was wounded and tried to flee the scene, but the terrorists caught him and bludgeoned him to death. Haim was born in Tunis and left behind a wife and two children.

On 14 Dec 1969 Haim Kind had stayed at home to rest and study whilst the rest of his community went to a Chanukah party. A shell fired on the town by Arabs, hit his apartment wounding him. He died the following day in hospital. He was 18. His mother never recovered from the tragedy, suffered a stroke and died soon afterwards.

19 Oct 1969. Haim Manikovitz was at home in his apartment in Haifa in Katzenelson St. Terrorists had targeted the building with an explosive device. Haim was killed in the blast. Over the next few days, five other resIdential buildings were targeted by the terrorists.

Haim Mizrahi was born in Iraq in 1904. On June 17 1969 he was working in the Jordan valley when the Jordanians opened fire. Haim was wounded and taken to hospital, where he died from his injuries. He left behind a wife and three daughters.

On June 4 1968 Haim Treyus was working in the fields of Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov. The Jordanians shelled the area, killing three Israelis. Haim was one of them. He was 23 years old.

February 8 1968. Haim Motzri was born in Syria. He worked on the banana plantation at Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov. On February 8, Haim was in a tractor that went over a mine planted by Arab terrorists. Four were killed by the blast. Haim left behind a wife and four children. He was 37.

June 6 1967. Haim Garon was due to enlist in the IDF in July 1967. He was seventeen years old. War had broken out and frustrated, he went to see if he could enlist early in Ashkelon.  Somewhere on his way he was murdered by terrorists from the Deir al-Balah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. His fate was not known until October when his burnt body was found near the camp.

Sep 3 1963. Chaim Shemesh was born in Iran in 1901. On Tuesday afternoon, Sep 3 1963 he was working in Jerusalem. Jordanian soldiers fired at the workers, killing Chaim. Chaim was survived by his wife and seven children.

Nov 5 1956. Chaim Abitan had only been in Israel a few months, having arrived earlier in 1956 from Morocco. On Monday morning, 05 November, Haim and his four friends travelled in a horse-drawn wagon on their way to work on a farm. As they passed by Kibbutz Or Haner, the wagon hit an explosive device left by terrorists from Gaza the night before. All of the passengers were killed. The horse returned alone to Sderot and the residents went out searching for the workers. They soon found what was left of the bodies of Haim and his friends. Haim was 25 when he was murdered. He was the oldest of the victims. Three of them were just 17.

Haim Dubinsky was 30 years old in 1956. When he was just 14, he fled the Nazis and joined the partisans to fight them. After the war he learned his entire family had perished in the Holocaust. On Aug 9 1956 Haim was driving in a car near Hatzeva with his friend Yochanan Notman. They were attacked by terrorists and both were shot and killed.

Haim Shifroni lived on Kibbutz Nirim in the south. On May 5 1955 the Kibbutz was shelled from Gaza. Chaim, who looked after the cowshed, tried to move the cows to safety. He was hit by a shell and died instantly. Haim left being a wife and son.

March 17 1954. Chaim Furstenberg was travelling with his family from Eilat to Tel Aviv. He was just nine years old. Terrorists ambushed the bus, opening fire at short range. After killing the driver, the terrorists boarded the bus, and shot each passenger, one by one. The bus only contained 14 passengers. Chaim was shielded, along with his sister and was one of just three that survived the original massacre. His mother Hannah was raped and murdered outside the bus. Thinking it was over, Chaim called out to his sister and the terrorist returned to shoot the child in the head. Chaim did not die immediately, but rather remained in a vegetitive state for another 32 years, finally passing away in September, 1986.

Haim Levy was 52. He worked at the sewage plant of the Jerusalem Municipality. On 28 Sep 1951, the plant was attacked by Arab terrorists. Haim was murdered and his body was found two days later some way away from the scene.

Sep 2 1951. Chaim Mordechai Kashi was a new immigrant from Iraq. Just four days are immigrating to Israel he went to visit family in Jerusalem. Unaware of the dangerous layout of the city, Haim was shot and killed by Jordanian soldiers. The Jordanians threatened to shoot anyone who tried to retrieve the body. Eventually the UN stepped in to help. He was 35.

Jan 2 1950. Haim Salman Ezri was born in Yemen in 1910. He lived in Ein Shemer a Kibbutz in the north. On Jan 2 1950 he went over a bomb planted near the camp where he lived and Haim was killed by the blast.

Sep 21 1948. Haim Shabtai Mizrahi was working in Jerusalem. He had stayed late to work with a friend. Haim’s workplace was attacked by Arab terrorists. Both men were killed. Haim’s body was only found a couple of days later. He left behind a wife and seven children.

July 17 1948. The War of Independence was in full swing. Haim Shimshi who was just 15, was playing football with his friends on Balfour Street. Haim’s parents had escaped persecution in Yemen by fleeing to Israel. Egyptian planes bombed Tel Aviv, killing 20 civilians. Haim was killed in the Egyptian bombing raid just before the second cease fire was implemented. Two of his friends were also killed.

May 29 1948. In the constant shelling of Jewish neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, Haim Shipman was badly wounded by shrapnel. He had been hit as he went to dine with his parents. He died in hospital of his injuries. Haim was 40 and left behind a wife and two daughters.

On the morning of May 28 1948, Haim Benjamin Goldberg was just nine years old. The Jordanian army were shelling Jewish neighborhoods. Hundreds of Jews died in these attacks and eventually not a single Jew would be left in this part of the city. Haim was hit by a shell near his home and died at the scene.

On May 24 1948 Haim Steiner was just 16 years old. He was hit by Jordanian shells being fired on the Jewish residents of Jerusalem. He died the following day from his wounds.

19 May 1948. Rabbi Chaim Mendel was also inside besieged Jerusalem being shelled by the Jordanian Army. He was born in 1861 and was 87 years old.  Rabbi Chaim was injured by the shelling and died the following day from his wounds. Five of his children had been killed in the Holocaust.

In May 1948, Haim Hagar was at work in Tel Aviv. Haim had smuggled into the country as part of the illegal immigration to escape Nazi persecution. When the boat he was on was cornered by the British, he swam ashore and hid on a kibbutz. His wife later joined him and their daughter Renee was born in 1941. On 20th May, Haim was killed by an Egyptian air attack. He was 38.

May 18 1948. Haim Winter lived in Rishon Lezion and worked in a factory in Tel Aviv. He was 31. The Egyptians had been bombing Tel Aviv every day since the outbreak of hostilities. On May 18 they targeted the Tel Aviv bus station. Haim was on his way home from work at the time and was killed in the bombing. 54 people were murdered in the attack.

April 13 1948. Chaim Yassky was a physician, and in a convoy taking supplies and personnel to Hadassah hospital. The convoy was attacked and there was a massacre. 78 Jews were slaughtered. Chaim Yassky was shot in the liver and died within minutes.

March 13 1948, Chaim Elias’s body was found in Haifa and taken to the local hospital. Haim was 20 years old and had arrived in Israel from Iraq. He had been shot by terrorists as he passed through an Arab neighbourhood.

March 13 1948. Haim Kendell was born in Yemen and moved to ‘Israel’ in 1910. He lived with his family in Tel Aviv and ran a grocery store. On March 13 he was shot in the head by Arab snipers. He left behind a wife and children.

Feb 22 1948.  Arab irregular forces carried out a major attack on the Jewish civilian areas. Multiple vehicles carried large explosives. British defectors helped the Arabs in the attack. About 50 people died in the attacks. Haim Schonberg was killed in the blasts. He was 30 and left behind a wife and son.

Feb 1 1948. Haim Parpar worked at the Palestine Post, a national newspaper. On Feb 1 1948, Arab terrorists along with British army deserters hit the building with two cars loaded with explosives. Printing worker Haim Farber was killed at the scene. He left behind a wife and children.

Jan 25 1948. Haim Shar was driving a truck on the Tel Aviv – Haifa road when he was attacked by Arab terrorists and killed on the spot. He was 32 and left behind his wife. The road was supposedly protected by the British.

January 12 1948. Haim Yakobovitz was 28 years old. Haim was living in Haifa but had only just arrived from Europe a few months before. He was not familiar with the city. Haim took a wrong turn into an Arab neighbourhood and was shot in the street.

On Jan 5 1948, Haim Unger got in his Egged bus and began his daily work as a driver in downtown Haifa. The Arabs were violently resisting the UN partition and it was only 5 days since a massacre of Jews at the Haifa refinery. Haim’s bus was attacked by Arab terrorists and Haim was shot and killed. The terrorists were Arabs who served in the National Guard under British command. The weapons supplied by the British.

Haim Karl Greiner worked as a welder at the Haifa oil refinery. On December 30th 1947, Arab workers turned on their Jewish colleagues in retaliation for an Irgun attack. Haim was one of thirty-nine Jews slaughtered in the massacre.

On 24 Dec 1947, Haim Tzecuto was travelling in a bus in Haifa. Arab terrorists were targeting Jewish traffic passing through. Haim was on one of the buses that was attacked. Six were injured, but Haim never recovered from his wounds and died later that day.

On Dec 13 1947 Haim Goldman HaCohen drove to deposit money in a nearby bank. Haim was 32 years old and had fled from the Nazis in Germany, the country of his birth. He was shot by the Arab terrorist who was supposed to protect him.  There were other Arabs who witnessed the attack but did nothing to help him.  Haim died in hospital two days later from his injuries.

On Dec 8 1947 Haim Pearstein was travelling home in a bus from his work. He was shot by a British sniper. Haim died from his wounds later that evening. He was 48 and left behind a wife and two children.

December 6 1947. Just a week since the UN vote on partition. Local Arabs had intensified their attacks on the Hatikvah neighbourhood in Tel Aviv. Haim Scandrion was just 9 years old. He was shot and died from his injuries. His mother was killed alongside him.

On Aug 10 1947, Haim Boksdorf sat with his girlfriend at the Hawaii Garden cafe in Tel Aviv. Arab terrorists attacked the cafe and began shooting. Haim was hit in the chest and died at the scene. His girlfriend was injured but survived the attack. Haim was 24 years old and during the war had enlisted with the British Army to fight the Nazis. Three others were killed in the terrorist attack.

During March 1947, Tel Aviv was under curfew. British troops with orders to shoot curfew violators on sight shot at pedestrians and motorists out on legitimate business. In Jerusalem they killed a 4 year old girl. Chaim Turkletaub was out on the streets of Tel Aviv when British soldiers released their frustrations by firing randomly in civilian areas. Haim was shot, injured and suffered for a week in hospital before finally falling to his injuries.

Haim Kupershmidt was 88 in 1941. He had lived in Jerusalem since 1878. In 1941 he moved to a care home in Tel Aviv. On June 6, 1941 Italian airplanes struck Tel Aviv, bombing the care home and killing Haim and 12 others. One of Haim’s daughters was wounded in the bombing.

July 24 1940. Haim Levy was 18. His family had immigrated from Egypt and they lived in Haifa. The Italian air force bombed Haifa and the Gulf. Haim was working in the refinery. On 24 July the Italian bombs killed Haim and 20 others.

On Thursday, February 28, 1939 Haim Donmitz was asleep in his bed. He was just 10 years old. He lived in Moshav Gibton, near Rehovot. His father and sister were away for a few days. Arab terrorists broke into the family home, shot his mother, cut the throats of his brothers and stabbed Haim to death.

October 2 1938. Haim Leimer was just twelve years old. He was with his sister Rivka 10 and Ezra 8 in Tiberias, when Arabs attacked the city. There was a massacre. These children were stabbed and burnt to death along with another family in the house at the time of the attack. A total of 19 Jews were killed, 11 of them children.

July 5 1938. Haim Reuben Saban was born in Turkey in 1917. He worked at a shop in the Old City Jerusalem. Haim was warned that it was dangerous, but he said that the Arabs would not hurt him. On July 5 an Arab terrorist entered the shop and murdered Haim and his father.

January 5 1938. Chaim Dovid Katz was in Jerusalem. He had only immigrated a few months before and was working in the Givat Shaul quarry. There was an attack on the quarry by Arabs, shots were fired and Chaim was killed in the attack. He was 29.

September 24 1936. Haim Devick was 27 years old. Haim had been born in Jerusalem in 1909 but his family was expelled by the Ottomans and they fled to Egypt. He returned in 1932 and he worked at a market in the Old City of Jerusalem. On the 24 September he was shot in the back by an Arab terrorist and died later that day from his injuries.

On April 19 1936 Haim Fsigoda was making his way to work in Jaffa. He was attacked by Arab rioters and brutally murdered. He was 23.

April 19 1936. Haim Alter Kornfeld was 30 years old. He was a builder and also worked to integrate the Arab workers into the Histadrut. He was a writer and had articles published in Zionist-Socialist newspapers. Haim refused to accept he was in danger despite the outbreak of Arab violence. Whilst at work on April 19, Arab rioters attacked and murdered him.

On August 24 1929 Haim Eliezer Dubnikov was resting in a home in Hebron. He was a headmaster in Tel Aviv. He was 53, married and had six children. It was the summer holiday and he had gone to Hebron for a break. Both Haim and his wife were brutally murdered in the Hebron massacre, which saw Arabs moving from house to house to slaughter 67 Jews.

August 24 1929. Haim Krasner was also in Hebron. He was just 16 years old when he was murdered. The Arab attackers pierced Haim’s body with daggers and knives, and then left him to suffer for hours before he died.

August 24 1929. Haim Shalom Alter was 25. Haim stood at the door and tried to stop the mob from coming in. But his body was repeatedly stabbed with knives and daggers, and he died by the door.

May 1 1921. Haim Mevurach was born in 1890 in the Old City of Jerusalem. In 1921 he went to Jaffa to visit his wife’s family. On May 1 he was shot and killed in Jaffa during mass Arab rioting. Forty-seven Jews were killed. Haim was buried in a mass grave in the old cemetery in Trumpledor St in Tel Aviv. He left behind a wife and children.

Jan 15 1917. Haim Moses was a locksmith from Jerusalem. On Jan 15 1917, he was waiting for a train in Beer Sheva, when it was attacked by the British. The people at the station tried to hide, but 16 Jews were killed including Haim and his father.

Jan 15 1917. Haim Margalit was born in 1880. He was killed in the same British bombing raid. as Haim Moses.

Jan 15 1917. Chaim Karmine was born in 1900. He was a carpenter and was also killed in the British bombing raid. He was just 16 or 17 years old.

In 1904 the Ottoman Empire was still standing. Haim Kurdi, was from Kurdistan and had moved to Illanya (Shajara) in 1902. On Aug 28 1904, Haim returned with several other residents of Shajara on a cart with groceries from Tiberias. They were attacked by Arabs. Haim recognised one of the attackers who then attacked Haim, mortally wounding him. He was 25.


All these victims. They were not soldiers. They were people, going to work, out shopping, celebrating or just children holding the hands of their parents. These people died – most of them simply because they were Jewish. They are the truth of the conflict. And we must never, ever forget it.

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