July 10, 2020

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In Australia, Nuts & Bolts of Bias Against Israel


By Daphne Anson


There are some columnists who, if they did not exist, would have to be invented.

Australia’s Andrew Bolt is one such.


(Hat tip: Ian)

Meanwhile, antisemitism hots up in Melbourne.

And, courtesy of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), Victorian Branch, an anti-Israel libel appears on an exam paper:

A Victorian  year 12 Health and Human Development practice exam included a question asking about religious discrimination and how it can influence mental health giving an example that the demolition of  homes by  Israel persecuted Arabs.

A sample answer stated, “An example of an individual being persecuted for their religion could be the Arab families living in Israel who practice the Islam religion rather the Jewish religion. Including unlawful demolition of homes and forced displacement and detainment of these families.”…’

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