May 31, 2020

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If Israel is responsible for Gaza deaths, shouldn’t it be credited for the LACK of Gaza deaths?

Two weeks ago a major propaganda push was started by Israel haters where they warned that every single Palestinian who dies of COVID-19 in Gaza is Israel’s responsibility.

Since then, some 50,000 people have died worldwide. Some 9000 in the US alone. And not one person in Gaza has died.

So if Israel is responsible for Gaza’s health, then isn’t Israel also responsible for the fact that no one in Gaza is even seriously ill from the virus, and half of those infected have already recovered?

For Israel haters, the answer is “of course not.” Israel is only responsible when bad things happen, not when bad things are avoided. To put it another way, anything they can possibly blame on Israel – including, bizarrely, police brutality in the US – they will.

But anything positive that Israel does is never credited, or is twisted into a negative.

No, this is a strictly one-way definition of responsibility.

Of course, Israel is not responsible for the problems with Gaza’s health sector. Over a decade of Hamas stealing medicines and hospital equipment, driving out health care workers who were not sufficiently supportive of the terror group, using medical facilities as cover for terror attacks, and the Palestinian Authority cutting medicine and electricity as levers to hurt all Gazans for Hamas’ coup has caused the current problems.

And Israel isn’t responsible for the lack of spread of the virus in Gaza either – Hamas has enforced an effective quarantine system for everyone entering the sector from Egypt or Israel, with over a thousand in isolation.

Only when the world actually demands that the Palestinians take responsibility for their own actions will there be a chance for peace. Until then, those who reflexively blame Israel for everything give the Palestinian leaders more excuses to act like spoiled children who have no reason to grow up.

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