March 9, 2021

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Hypocritical BDSers at Jewish Voice for Peace use Israeli firm for their "health" website
The anti-Zionist Jewish Voice for Peace set up a “JVP Health Advisory Council” offshoot, using health issues as another way to attack Israel by blaming Israel for any deficiencies (or possible future deficiencies) in Palestinian healthcare. 
Needless to say, these hypocrites never say a word when Palestinians themselves decide that sick Palestinians should die rather than cooperate with Israel. Or when the PA limits medicines to Gaza. Or when Hamas sells medicines that were donated to help Gazans. Or when the PA opposes new hospitals in Gaza.
The hypocrisy doesn’t end there.
Alice Rothchild, MD, the most prominent member of JVP Health and probably its founder, tweeted this:

The terror groups themselves say that the point of the “fire balloons” is to burn Israeli civilians, not to “call attention to the blockade.” One writes op-eds and calls protests to call attention to something, but this MD doesn’t care about public health – she only cares about demonizing Israel.
 And of course the fires themselves are a public health hazard that JVP Health will never talk about.
The hypocrisy still doesn’t end there.
JVP calls for everyone to boycott Israeli goods and services.
But the “JVP Health” website is built using Wix, the popular Israeli website builder, as you can see from its source code.
If these guys didn’t have hypocrisy, they’d have nothing left.

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