April 4, 2020

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Hamas leader says current truce with Israel is only to regroup so they can destroy Israel later


One of the “political” leaders of Hamas, Mahmoud al-Zahar, stressed that the current calm between Gaza and Israel is not permanent and Hams only accepts it to regroup and re-arm.

Speaking to “Felesteen,” Zahar said, “Truce with the occupation is a means for the resistance to catch our breath and use it as a project of resistance to accumulate the tools of the struggle for liberation.”

Anyone who tries to portray the truce as a kind of security cooperation or agreement with the occupation is wrong,” he added.

 “We must not lose sight of the basic goal. Our banner will never come down. Our project is a project for the liberation of all Palestine,  no borders for Gaza or the West Bank or the 1948 lines, these are temporary borders and our natural borders [is all of Palestine] with neighboring Arab countries,”  Zahar emphasized..

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