October 20, 2020

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Gaza’s Al Aqsa University: Holocaust museums are Zionist propaganda

On Instagram, Al Aqsa University of Gaza posted a video animation of a potential Palestinian museum.

The text accompanying it is more interesting than the video, though.
The Palestinian Memory Museum project designed by the students Fahmy Daher and Islam Al-Haddad in an interior design course at Al-Aqsa University. The project reviews the memory of the place in a visual narrative that employs drama to present the Palestinian narrative in an effective and convincing way to the world in confronting the Israeli narrative that our enemies succeeded in establishing through the Holocaust museums that are spreading In more than 60 countries in the world.

They actually seem jealous of the Holocaust, because they want to be the world’s greatest victims. But they look at the Holocaust not as a historic genocide of millions of people but as an excuse for Jews to get a state.
(h/t Petra, Imshin)

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