October 20, 2020

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Crazy Arab theory of the day: Jews will return to Khaybar, Saudi Arabia to build a modern city for industry and tourism


Dr. Abdul Sattar Qassem writes in Al Majd:

Is there anyone who argues that the Zionists will not establish a large, modern settlement with advanced industrial and scientific potential in the Khyber district, north of Medina? I see that the Zionists have completed plans for a modern and huge settlement city in place, and implementation is only a matter of time. Certainly, there are those who disagree with me in this regard, but time will suffice to reveal this secret if the Zionist entity remains on the political map of the world. I see the experts of the Zionists who specialize in planning cities and settlements have been busy developing their designs for years. The Zionist politicians looked ahead to where political matters are heading in the Arabian Peninsula, and that the rulers of Saudi Arabia must establish strong relations with them…
Is it reasonable for the Zionist entity to establish normalized relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without the agreement between the two parties stipulating Zionist privileges in the old Jewish residential areas? Scenes of the ruins of Khaybar, Bani Al-Nadir, and Banu Qurayza are still in front of us today, despite the recent developments in Khaybar, and the Zionists certainly have accurate details about what remains of the Jewish fortresses and some of the farms that they owned. If they are demanding the Noble Sanctuary on the grounds that their father Abraham, according to their religious data, has laid his foundations, then they will certainly demand historical sites before them and the whole world.
The question that should be asked is: Why have the Saudis preserved these sites as they are and did not make changes to them that take an Islamic character? There is a mosque in Khaybar and a new market with many shops, but it is empty of residents, as if it is waiting for new invaders who are not of Islam or Arabism in anything.
Khaybar was the most important site for the Jews in the Arabian Peninsula, which is about 168 km north of Medina, and many of its buildings are still standing, especially the famous Marhab Castle, which was the seat of their famous strong leader Marhab, who was destroyed by Ali bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him. The Khayria palm plantations still exist until now, and it is considered one of the largest oases in the Arabian Peninsula. The eyes of the Zionist Jews are on the sites of the Jews of Medina and its environs, and they will work to rebuild it, and because of the slogan that Muslims constantly chant: “Khaybar Khaybar, O Jews, Muhammad’s army will return,” which is the slogan that Muhammad’s army will liberate Palestine from its sea to its river. When Khaybar is rebuilt, the Zionists will have responded to the slogan with a new painful reality. Then the Muslims must imagine that the army of Muhammad, peace be upon him, will come from Yemen as a conqueror, given that Yemen is the only Arab country in the Arabian Peninsula qualified to fight and restore the dignity of Arabs and Muslims.
The Zionists will work to reconstruct Khaybar and the various sites in which the Jews were present, to become tourist places that attract tourists from all over the world. There will be modern thriving tourist areas that will benefit the Zionists and Saudi rule. The present and destroyed monuments will remain, and the Zionists will restore what can be restored from the homes of the Jews and their security and military institutions, and the Marhab Castle will be a vital center for the new settlement, and the farms will turn into rich gardens that tourists like to access and reside in.
No one is surprised what I say. The Zionists had planned the city of Jerusalem and designed the parks, official and unofficial institutions, museums, bus and car stations, etc. before 1948. They used to summon experts in city planning from Europe at high wages to serve the purposes of settlement in the Holy City.

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