January 23, 2020

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Fifty-six antisemitic conspiracies- by members of the Labour Party


You are about to enter a twilight zone, a place deep in antisemitic conspiracy. Everyone mentioned has implied that they have been members of the Labour Party. Many explicitly say they joined because of Jeremy Corbyn. Because of the antisemitic nature of these conspiracy theories, ‘Israel, ‘Zionist’ and ‘Jewish’ are used interchangeably.

There will be two images on each conspiracy, the first evidence that the poster is affiliated to the Labour Party, the other an example of the antisemitic conspiracy theory that they shared.

I have created this compilation for a simple reason. Antisemitism is not about what one person says or believes. Antisemitism is a way of seeing the world, an ideology, and the pieces need to be put together for the dangers to be understood properly.

This is also available for download in a PDF or viewable as a video on YouTube.

The antisemitic conspiracies

One of the most widespread claims is that Israel did 9/11. I could fill an entire report with images just containing this antisemitic conspiracy theory, however I intend to provide just one example from each of the claims:

Israel is ISIS

trapman antisemitic

Or just fund ISIS:

Israel was behind Charlie Hebdo:

George Garside

Responsible for the November 2015 attacks in Paris:

Antisemitic claim nov 2015

The Zionists are behind the attack in Brussels too.

Louisa Livingstone antisemitic


Incredibly, some believe the Zionists even control the Labour Party. Sheem Bari is also admin for the FB Group ‘the Labour Party Supporter‘:

antisemitic sheem bari

The Mossad blackmail MPs to get them to defend the indefensible:

jones antisemitic

The basics are always covered. Israel controls the media:

And the Rothschild Zionists control the money and the banks:

Talmudic Zionists control the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia and are therefore responsible for Wahhbism:

Israel abducted and murdered 25000 Ukrainian children for their organs:

Bashir antisemitic

Or perhaps they traffic stolen children’s organs to sell the other way:

antisemitic noal

Or just want to kill the children (Khadija Hasan and Cllr Anne Kennedy are one and the same):

Jews control America. This is another widespread antisemitic accusation. Sometimes they use the word ‘Zionist’ instead of Jews. Sometimes not:

And the UK:


The Royal Family are ‘Hebrew’ anyway:


Jewish lobbies subvert democracy:

phil wallis antisemitic

Israel opened dams (that don’t even exist) to flood Gaza.

Elleanne Green antisemitic

Zionist Jews are not real Jews but rather Khazarian ‘imposters’:

antisemitic dee goulding


The Old Rothschild Bank expulsion story. This time from the neo-Nazi website politicalvelcraft:

In Bolivia too:

The Arab spring was a Zionist plot to kill the Islamic banks:

This is because the Rothschild’s are engaged in a Master Plan to rule the world:

antisemitic rothschilds

And Rothchild Zionists are responsible for all the wars:

Whenever something happens in the world, people are ready to blame the Jews. Like the recent attacks on the oil tankers:

The Jews killed JFK:


Jewish bankers sank the Titanic:

How about the ‘murder’ of Jewish Rothschild Princess Diana:

Michael Smith antisemitic

George Michael:

lynda fergusen antisemitic

Or when Sergei and Yulia Skripal are poisoned by Novichok in Salisbury:

Anthony howell

Or Malaysian flight MH17:

The London attack on 7/7 (and Istanbul):

And the attacks in Nice and Munich:

Nice and munich

Manchester of course:

And the London Bridge attack:

Alan rundle antisemitic

Grenfell is all about the Jews of course:

Grenfell antisemitic

Even the mass shootings in the US, become an antisemitic conspiracy theory:

Liz Farrell

The Mossad, which dominates MI5, are something to do with protecting British Paedophiles:

Perhaps because they corrupted the bible and are devil worshippers:


ZIonists were behind the Iraq war:

And the slave trade:

Child trafficking:

Pedophile rings with sex slaves:


Israel are trying to control and censor the internet:

antisemitic control internet

The UK are in debt, and we owe all this money to the Rothschild family:

Zionists occupy Ukraine: (Labour member Patricia Sheerin Richman was arrested in 2018 ‘on suspicion of distributing material likely to stir racial hatred’).

patricia sheerin richman

Israel killed its own citizens in a ‘false flag’ attack in Bulgaria in 2012:

Jews seek to imprison Americans for criticising Israel:

The Holocaust is all about Jews making money:


It almost goes without saying that some think the Holocaust is a Jewish hoax:


Perhaps that isn’t surprising, because the whole of WW2 was a Zionist plot:

Whilst the Holocaust was ‘fake’, the Jews killed 20 million Christians (‘Holodomor’):

Some just think Zionists are alien lizards:

antisemitic tony gratrex


Whilst others believe the entire planet is undergoing ‘Judaification’:

And if you want to blame someone for all this antisemitism, why not blame the Jews themselves:


If you have examples of others feel free to send them to me.

Antisemitism sees Jews as the bogeyman. Everything that happens can be blamed on the Jew. When antisemitism spreads, the virus host sees three options for the Jew -to gather them together and supress them (the ghetto), expulsion or extermination. Never underestimate the danger of antisemitism spreading in a major political party.

The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews”.
UK’s former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks.



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