April 14, 2021

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Feminism, Saudi-style


Saudi preacher Ali Al-Maliki sparked controversy on social networking sites after  a video clip was circulated where he says that the the purpose of a wife is not to serve her husband, but as a “tool for enjoyment.”
In the video he said, “I will stipulate that whoever marries my daughter should bring her a maid, and my daughter should not serve him at all.”
Al-Maliki framed this in terms of women’s rights, saying that in some marriages the wife is forced to jeopardize her health to serve her husband and this is not good.
At first, women thought he was saying something good, until they realized that Al Maliki was still saying that a woman is a servant of her husband, whether it is a servant of labor or a servant of what he euphemistically calls “pleasure.”
The human rights of the maid are not discussed by anyone.

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