August 6, 2020

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“Everyone Agrees”: Second Draft on the MSNM’s Contribution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

I have, over the past year, slowly put together a video using my archive of recordings of BBC Global and CNN International’s news broadcasts. It portrays a mindset among journalism that has them “in the name of the ‘whole world’,” misinforming the whole world by reciting Palestinian war propaganda as news. “Everybody knows it’s Israel’s fault” that there’s no peace settlement.

Among other violations of journalistic principles of presenting the relevant evidence, I indict the MSTVNM (mainstream TV news media) for not letting their audiences know what Palestinian leaders – both PA and Hamas – say in Arabic, thus compounding the misdirection involved in highlighting and affirming what Palestinian spokespeople say in English. I therefore include footage generously provided by both Palestinian Media Watch and the Center for Near East Policy Research.

Everyone Agrees: The BBC and CNN on UNSC Resolution #2334 and Kerry’s Speech

Given the strong claims that I make, I also post two items:

Anyone who thinks I have unfairly “cherry-picked” my passages is welcome to review the body of material from which I drew them. I think research will confirm that I left out many more examples that strengthen my case (too long or too complicated, so repetitive), and that any counter-examples of the MSTVNM presenting the Israeli side offer neither the open endorsement of the journalists (that so often accompanies their presentation of the Palestinian position), nor at any point, their repetition in the journalists own words.

Some early viewers have complained that this is too long a piece to reach a wide audience, especially among millennials and i-gens. I plan other shorter videos of this kind, but for now, this video is addressed to people who have a 20 minute attention span; and I believe such an attention span can be found in any generation. Indeed, those with longer generations are also more likely to command the trust and attention of those without. So this video, which makes several points over a sustained argument, is addressed to leaders, present and future.


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