June 24, 2019

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Corbynistas Step Up Their War on Da Joos


By Daphne Anson


As reported here:

At its annual conference, this year in Liverpool,

‘The British Labour Party has decided to support a freeze on arms sales to Israel, a first in the country’s history.

As the proposal was put forward, hundreds of pro-Palestinian Labour delegates stood and waved their flags inside the conference hall in Liverpool, chanting “Free Palestine!” and turning the hall into a sea of Palestinian flags.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) had handed out more than a thousand flags to delegates.

“We have witnessed extraordinary scenes of solidarity today and the Labour Party has done the right thing by recognising the longstanding injustice of Israel’s violation of Palestinian rights,” said PSC chair High [sic; i.e. Hugh] Lanning.

“This is an important step forward in building solidarity with Palestinians within Labour and we hope the leadership will listen to the will of the party on this issue.”

…. The motion – moved by Harlow Constituency Labour Party (CLP) and seconded by Wolverhampton South West CLP – is the first on Palestine to be heard at the party’s conference in many years.”

Here’s the spiteful motion:

And here’s how delegate Hilary Wise (a former editor of Palestine News) spoke in its favour (watch the video here):

 Another speech

 Voila! A celebratory 45 seconds from Iran’s PressTV:



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