May 27, 2020

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Comment on The Times They Are A Changing by Shalom Freedman

The decline of the Left in Israel is a welcome development. But the rise of the Right is not simply a positive development. There are a number of reasons for this including the character of coalition parties, the kinds of sacrifice of the national interest involved in these coalitions especially in continually appeasing the Haridim.
There is also something objectionable in the way the ruling party the Likud conducts things. There are many narrow- minded, stupid hard right-wing elements with no sense of respect for the other.
The kind of extreme polarization politically which you wrote about in regard to the U.S. is also very much present in Israel.
So the Times are Changing but the Changing is not wholly beneficial. The hope is that somehow some kind of Center or Center Right coalition could be formed which would rule the country with a greater sense of caring for the country as a whole.

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