April 13, 2021

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Comment on JFNA’s chutzpah by MrCohen


Essay Linking Liberal Jews and Anti-Semitism Sparks a Furor
by Patricia Cohen, Published: 2007 January 31

The American Jewish Committee, an ardent defender of Israel,
is known for speaking out against anti-Semitism, but this
advocacy group has recently stirred up a bitter and emotional
debate with a new target: liberal Jews.

An essay the committee features on its Web site, ajc.org,
titled “ ‘Progressive’ Jewish Thought and the New Anti-Semitism,”
says a number of Jews, through their speaking and writing,
are feeding a rise in virulent anti-Semitism by questioning
whether Israel should even exist.
The Devastating Impact of American Non-Jewish Jews
by Isi Leibler, 2018 October 11


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