August 8, 2020

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Black Lives Still Don’t Matter to These Muslim Masters

By Daphne Anson


Nor, it seems, to the BLM™ movement.

Writes the Italian journalist Giulio Meotti in a brand new article here, entitled ‘Slavery Rampant in Africa, Middle East; The West Wrongly Accuses Itself ‘: 

‘For the intersectional activists, the US is the world’s biggest oppressor — not China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, or Iran.   It is high time for the United States to stop funding the United Nations…. The United Nations is now being used to perpetuate injustice, not stop it. Real slave traders and racists — those who believe Western societies and values should not exist at all — most likely look at the current Western self-flagellation and cheer their approval.’  

The Arab Slave Trade has a long history, but it is the Atlantic slave trade with which most people are familiar.

Adding to that familiarity is this video, about a Muslim Gambian who found himself enslaved in the United States.  It is, of course, an interesting historical tale:

And it is, needless to point out, on the trans-Atlantic trade that the self-flagellating Left and other enemies of the West dwell.

To try to redress the balance, this video might be a good place to start:

I might note here that in Mali, black slavery continues to flourish to some extent, and has not been declared illegal, but more notably it also still does so in Mauritania, despite its official abolition there. 

This video, made a few years ago, testifies to the misery to which all too many black people in Mauritania are still subject.

Scandalous.  And so very sad.

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