April 7, 2020

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Algerian Jewish leader is Russian Christian


 Meet Amir Hamoui, the new president of the phantom Jewish community of Algeria. (There is a precedent: the president of the non-existent Kurdish Jewish community is a Muslim).  On his blog Hamoui declares himself to be  the son of a Russian-Jewish woman, then claims to be also a Christian serving the Pope and appointed by the Vatican (Praise be to Jesus). His Facebook page proclaims that he is not from Algiers, but St Petersburg. Curiouser and curiouser! (With thanks: Boruch)

 Amir Hamoui succeeds Roger Said as the President of the Jewishcommunityof Algeria. Said died in 2012.

‘Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to be among you and I will be the pride of my family and friends, and for everyone to be under the leadership of Pope Francis and I will be his spokesman and on behalf of the Pope of the Catholic Church and the Vatican is a pleasure and pride for me and I am very happy to represent the Pope and Jesus in all the countries of the world that have diplomatic relations with the Vatican. I have to thank all the people who have contributed to my support from all sides,  the clergy, politicians or even heads of state, artists and athletes. We thank them very much for all of us – the Lord Jesus with you in good and bad. And the love and peace that once gave us, thank the Lord Jesus More appreciation and respect from me. Yours sincerely.

‘My story :
Amir Hamoui was born (August 22 / August 1988) is a Russian of Algerian origin, was born in Algiers (Algeria) from a Christian family of a Jewish mother Jacqueline Rebecca Hamoui, professor of Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew. Hewas born in Algeria (Tlemcen province) where he was appointed by the Russian president in 2015 adviser to the Russian Foreign Ministry.  I worked a translator of foreign languages ​​in the federal Moscow embassy in Algeria for HE Ambassador of Russia in Algeria Alexander Zulotov between 2007 and 2014. Then I went to Italy to support the missionary movement through education. Pope Francis himself appointed Amir Hamoui, the spokesman for the Holy See and his interpreter, and I am proud of myself, my family and friends for the support I get from them both at work and outside. I am proud to serve the Pope, the Vatican and the Pope in particular. I was called back to Algeria to be the representative of the Jewish religion in Algeria.’

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