November 21, 2019

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After Amnesty pleas, Hamas decides to hold public executions anyway

The Telegraph reported on Monday:

The Palestinian militant group Hamas is to carry out a string of public executions in the Gaza strip, the patch of territory it controls.

The executions were announced by Hamas’s attorney general in Gaza, Ismail Jaber. “Capital punishments will be implemented soon in Gaza,” he said. “I ask that they take place before a large crowd.”

Thirteen men, most convicted of murder connected to robberies, are currently awaiting execution, another Hamas official, Khalil al-Haya, said on Friday at the main prayers.

If all those go ahead, Gaza’s execution rate relative to the size of its population will overtake that of Saudi Arabia’s in one go.

Amnesty International was very upset, and asked Hamas’ nonexistent “attorney general” to reconsider:

Hamas considered all of the anti-execution pleas from NGOs and others very carefully.

And today Hamas’ version of the “Palestinian Legislative Council” announced that the executions will continue as planned.

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