July 11, 2020

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A peace proposal rejected by the PLO in 1965


In May 1965, Israeli premier Levi Eshkol spoke about peace with the Arabs:

Here was the PLO reaction in a letter to the editor several days later:

Notice how in 1965 the Arabs still considered the areas between the partition lines and armistice lines as being stolen land; no one considered the 1949 armistice lines to be borders.

The idea that the Jews are like the Crusaders and will eventually be forced out is mainstream Palestinian thought, taught for generations.

And even then the Palestinians used the word “justice” to mean the destruction of Israel. Nothing has changed there.

Eshkol’s offer would generate a little interest today, since it is based on what are now called the 1967 lines, but even then the “right of return” was considered sacred and a deal breaker. Nothing has changed there either.

The rejectionism is the same as today.

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