October 4, 2022

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A Jerusalem church was destroyed by Muslims two weeks ago. No one reported it.


This is what the Living Bread Church looked like two weeks ago.

Here is how the church described the event:

The team went to lunch and the terrorist came in through the window under the direction of Hussam. When the police came ‘Alaa, the extremeist’ told them ‘i ask him to remodel.’ He took all our personal items, musical instruments, camera equipment, and many computers. They burnt our bibles and made huge fires with our personal items from the church.

They have been digging tunnels in this area of Damascus Gate for awhile. We witnessed them digging under the Nuseibah home at the bus station. When we caught them digging outside- under the church they threatened to kill us all. The chopped up floor as you can see- the militants may use this to access their tunnels. Over the past years we took pictures of them- while in the church they put a board over my window so i would quit watching them in the night hours. a couple years ago they beat me up and left me for dead in front of the church. I was a prisoner inside the church for 5 1/2 months.

Presently, no matter what we do the police appear to be more afraid of Hussam than we are. Even last tribulation when i got a retraining order against him – his men beat me for getting the order. Even to bring a court order when you hand it over to those in lawlessness- they are not going to respond to it.

The property is owned by ten owners in the Dajani family. Hussam won in court 3% and has violently taken over the property. We as Living Bread International Church have a 20 year lease and have paid our rent by bank wire in advance. Sorry, to say being a Christian- makes your case of little value to men in this land. As we know- when our case reaches the courts of heaven our God will fight for us and HE has never lost a battle. We wait on the Lord – what next Lord?

 It seems to be a dispute over who has rights to the building.

I have a feeling we are not hearing the full story, but no matter what, this was a major attack that for some reason went below the radar of virtually every media outlet until yesterday.

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