September 30, 2022

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13-Dec-16: Qalandiya and another vehicle-ramming attack on Israelis
Moments after the attack at Qalandiya, the assailant’s vehicle is in the center
of this photo [Via social media]

Times of Israel, quoting the Israel Police, reports that a Palestinian Arab woman attempted a vehicle-ramming attack on Israeli security personnel manning the Qalandiya crossing on Jerusalem’s northern edge, near Ramallah, early this afternoon.

Police say she approached the crossing at high speed in her vehicle and troops forced her to stop. She then got out of her vehicle with a knife. Guards at the checkpoint subdued and arrested her, police say. There are no injuries… [Times of Israel, today]

The attack evidently happened around 1:45 pm this afternoon (Tuesday). Israel National News adds that

Witnesses report the terrorist shouted “Allah Akbar” while charging soldiers.

An initial Ynet bulletin says “She was shot and neutralized before being able to harm anyone.” But a slightly later Ynet report makes no mention of any shooting:

The woman sped towards the security forces stationed at the checkpoint, prompting them to begin the arrest procedure by firing into the air. This caused the woman to stop the car, exit it wielding a knife, and call out “Allahu Akbar.” Security forces overpowered her and arrested her. She was unharmed… [Ynet, today]

In characteristic fashion, the Palestinian Arab news channel Ma’an describes what happened as being an Israeli response to a woman “allegedly attempting to run over Israeli forces stationed there”. Arab-on-Israeli attacks by Palestinian Arabs are invariably “alleged” in the Ma’an lexicon.

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