July 10, 2020

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06/11 Links Pt2: How calling people ‘White Jews’ became an insidious slander; If Jews took down symbols of their oppression; European court rules against France in Israel boycott activist case

June 11, 2020 Ian

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2020/06/0611-links-pt2-how-calling-people-white.htmlFrom Ian: Seth Frantzman: How calling people ‘White Jews’ became an insidious slander – Comment The use of the term “white Jews” is used by those who feel uncomfortably with the knowledge that Jews are […]

06/11 Links Pt1: Col. Kemp: A British mandate to recognize Israeli sovereignty; Do Arab States Support a Palestinian State? Don’t Bet on It; Trump okays sanctions against ICC employees investigating US troops

June 11, 2020 Ian

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2020/06/0611-links-pt1-col-kemp-british-mandate.htmlFrom Ian: What Bibi wants to do in the West Bank is not annexation Fifty-three years ago today, Israel was fighting for its survival. In a larger sense, that doesn’t make it all that different […]

Towards the West’s Destruction, Every Knee Must Bend

June 11, 2020 Ian

http://daphneanson.blogspot.com/2020/06/towards-wests-destruction-every-knee.htmlBy Daphne Anson   Catholic clerics in El Paso (Image: (Associated Press) We could all be forgiven for assuming that the Religion of Peace™ had never had any involvement in the enslavement and exploitation of […]

Being an Ally Works Both Ways

June 11, 2020 Ziy0nadmin

http://abuyehuda.com/2020/06/being-an-ally-works-both-ways/In a recent column, Hen Mazzig takes some Jews to task for failing to support “Black Lives Matter.” Just because a few “fringe activists” have tried to inject the Palestinian issue into the justified cause […]

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