March 7, 2021

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05/12 Links Pt2: Does media bias against Israel still matter?; Protecting Itself from Covid-19, Israel Shows Cohesion; GWU International Affairs School Names BDS Supporter as Interim Dean

May 12, 2020 Ian Ian: Jonathan Tobin: Does media bias against Israel still matter? If media bias like this doesn’t impact American public opinion about Israel, should anyone bother protesting it? In the first place, it is vital […]

Lag Ba’ Omer in Algeria

May 12, 2020 Ian is Lag Ba’ Omer, the 33rd day of the Omer, the period between Passover and Pentecost (Shavuoth).  (With thanks: Leon)The Omer marked a time when the scholar at the time orf the Roman occupation of […]

Some good news for Lag Ba’Omer

May 12, 2020 Ziy0nadmin is Lag Ba”Omer, the 33rd day of the Omer, a semi-holiday marked by bonfires in the night, music and a popular day for weddings. This year, because of the coronavirus restrictions, bonfires were banned […]