April 6, 2020

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Seventy years since the immigration, an Iraqi Jew remembers

February 23, 2020 Ian

http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.com/2020/02/seventy-years-since-immigration-iraqi.htmlThe 70th anniversary of the great airlift from Iraq is an occasion for Baruch Meiri, writing in Y-Net News, to reminisce about his arrival in Israel. His family went through name changes and several addresses, […]

02/23 Links: A secret Mossad Qatar trip, Hamas outreach to Egypt and Iran’s threat; 20 rockets fired at Israel after terrorist killed planting explosives; UK left activists attended events with far right antisemites

February 23, 2020 Ian

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2020/02/0223-links-secret-mossad-qatar-trip.htmlFrom Ian: Seth Frantzman: A secret Mossad Qatar trip, Hamas outreach to Egypt and Iran’s threat In Saudi Arabia, Al-Arabiya is very interested in what a previously unknown “Mossad trip to Qatar” means for the […]

Palestinian textbooks still celebrating terrorists

February 23, 2020 Eldad Tzioni

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2020/02/palestinian-textbooks-still-celebrating.htmlThere was a small kerfuffle this weekend as stories came out that the official Palestinian fifth grade textbook for teaching Arabic language mentioned how great Dalal Mughrabi was – but used the wrong photo of […]

Anger, not Apathy

February 23, 2020 Ziy0nadmin

http://abuyehuda.com/2020/02/anger-not-apathy/The media say that Israeli voters are apathetic. They aren’t – they are furious. About a third of them aren’t expected to vote at all in the March 2 election, an unprecedented third in 11 […]

02/22 Links: Antisemitic Propaganda Channel ‘TruNews’ Gets Booted by YouTube; UK to review funds for Palestinian schools using textbooks encouraging violence

February 23, 2020 Ian

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2020/02/0222-links-antisemitic-propaganda.htmlFrom Ian: Lurid Antisemitic Propaganda Channel ‘TruNews’ Gets Booted by YouTube A far-right, viciously antisemitic website that made headlines last November when it was revealed to have received media accreditation from the White House has […]