March 4, 2021

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Commentary review: The other Middle Eastern refugees

July 2, 2018 Ian History has been deeply unkind to the Jewish communities of the Middle East and North Africa, and so too has the historical record. As the British author Lyn Julius points out in Uprooted, the […]

Miss Iraq in Israel really upset the Arabs

July 1, 2018 Eldad Tzioni Middle East Monitor: She seems to have touched a nerve. Some gems from the article: While in Israel she vocalised a personal declaration to seek peace, omitting, however, Israel’s routine sabotage of past peace […]

07/01 Links: Will the West cede the Golan Heights to a psychopath?; A quarter of Israelis worried Trump’s peace plan’s price will be too high; Iranian forces open fire on protesters

July 1, 2018 Ian Ian: In joint ToI op-ed, Lapid and Ya’alon urge US to back Israel’s Golan sovereignty In a joint op-ed Sunday, Moshe Ya’alon and Yair Lapid urged the US to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the […]

We must speak of Jewish refugees – for truth and peace

July 1, 2018 Ian blogs argue that the Palestinians have hoodwinked the West into believing in the deception of the ‘right of return’ and the justice of their cause. Lyn Julius explains that the ‘right of return’ is […]

06/30 Links: Fatah Announces ‘National Campaign To Thwart The Deal Of The Century; The Palestinian paradox: 70 years of perpetuating refugeeism; Israel takes in 6 Syrians, 4 of them orphans

July 1, 2018 Ian Ian: MEMRI: Fatah Announces ‘National Campaign To Thwart The Deal Of The Century,’ Publishes Posters Against The Deal And Its Initiators Even before its terms have been publicized, the Trump administration’s Middle East peace […]

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