November 30, 2021

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18-Oct-17: The luckiest Arab in the entire Gush

Ynet reports today

IDF force stops attempted terrorist attack
Palestinian armed with knife runs towards IDF force near Gush Etzion; force incapacitates him by shooting at his legs, arrests him.

Elisha Ben Kimon|Published:  18.10.17 , 13:46
An IDF force carried out a suspect arrest protocol at a knife-wielding would-be Palestinian terrorist near the Gush Etzion junction Wednesday. A soldier from the Nahal’s 50 Battalion was stationed in a pillbox at the junction’s security checkpoint. The terrorist was running north, going against traffic. The soldier noticed he was carrying a suspicious object, which later turned out to be a knife, and called out to him, ordering him to stop. When the terrorist kept running, the soldier initiated a suspect arrest protocol, during which he shot the would-be terrorist in the stomach, incapacitating him. The suspect was taken to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem in moderate condition. There were no Israeli casualties.

Times of Israel says

According to the hospital, the man is in moderate to serious condition, with a gunshot wound to the stomach. He is approximately 20 years old.

If we were the parents of this knifer, we would be busy at this moment writing a thank you letter to the commanding officer of the young Nahal soldier doing guard duty at the Gush Etzion Junction where innumerable Arab-on-Israeli knifing attacks have resulted in deaths on both sides during the past two years. We would be saying thank you for sparing the life of our misguided, brain-washed son.

That soldier, in the space of the handful of seconds available to him, had the power and the equipment to stop the knife attacker permanently. Instead he stuck to instructions and incapacitated him, leaving the medical professionals to bring this Pal Arab terrorist back to health and a future.

A future which will now – as of this afternoon – include a guaranteed monthly salary from the terror-fixated Abbas regime and its appalling Rewards for Terror scheme. He’s unlikely to ever be able to otherwise earn anything close to what the PA – thanks to unwitting or apathetic European and North American taxpayers – is about to start paying him.

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