August 15, 2022

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16-Aug-19: Two children with knives and another Arab-on-Israeli stabbing frenzy

In the latest such attack, two Palestinian Arab children armed with knives [Cop injured in Jerusalem stabbing attack; 2 assailants shot“, Times of Israel, August 15, 2019] were stopped from killing their Israeli targets on Thursday. Reports say one is 14 years old.

Two teenage assailants stabbed a police officer, moderately injuring him, in an apparent terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City on Thursday, officials said. The assailants were shot by security forces at the scene. One of them was pronounced dead at the scene, the second was critically wounded and taken to the hospital, a police spokesperson said.
Graphic video footage from the scene showed the two teenagers walk up from behind a group of police officers stationed in the Old City. As they approached, they suddenly pulled out knives and began repeatedly stabbing one of the cops. Other officers at the scene opened fire at the pair as they were stabbing the victim.
The injured police officer was approximately 40 years old. He sustained multiple stab wounds to the upper body, medics said.
“We gave him medical care, including stopping the bleeding and bandaging him, and we took him to the hospital,” one of the medics on the scene said. The officer was taken to Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

Via social media [here for instance], there’s high quality graphic security cam video of the actual attack and of the quick and focused response by the Israeli security personnel.

Haaretz names the 14 year old knifer as Hamuda Khader a-Sheikh who is being treated for his wounds, and a 17 year old as Nassim Abu Rumi, who is reported to have died at the scene. (Ynet says the dead attacker was also fourteen.) Both evidently, though not confirmed, are from Al-Azaria, a village on the slopes of Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives. It’s better known to some as the Biblical town of Bethany, the home of Lazarus (hence its Arabic name).

Arab reports include wide-ranging claims that deny and distort:

  • Eyewitnesses refuted the IDF’s allegations and confirmed that there was no stabbing. They explained that a settler tried to storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and when the guards tried to stop him, he opened fire on the guard’s foot… [Sabaharabi, Egypt]
  • The police opened fire on two citizens at the Gate of Chains [in the Old City] from the outside, then announced the martyrdom of one of them. The injury of the other is described as medium. An Al Aqsa guard was shot in the foot. [Arabic edition of Ma’an News, Bethlehem]
  • The Zionist media reported that a cop was injured by two Palestinian stabbers who attacked him in occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem). The Israeli occupation troops shot directly at the two youths, injuring both of them, and closes the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque, according to Palestinian sources. [Al-Manar, Lebanon]
  • Video shows the pair approaching a group of Border Police officers and then lunging at them. The officers immediately open fire on the boys, and do not appear to attempt to subdue them with nonlethal means [from the especially loathsome propaganda mill of Electronic Intifada].


How Palestinian Arab society weaponizes its children and encourages stabbing attacks in particular has occupied our thoughts for years. 
It’s a chronic form of incitement that starts at the highest levels of the Palestinian Arab power structure: click for indexed articles.
Three years ago we wrote about how there is no way of avoiding the reality of large swathes of Palestinian Arab society being in the obvious thrall of a passionate embrace of vicious bigotry, murderous savagery and explicit incitement of their own children and grandchildren to murder and to be killed.
Two outside actors deserve a special mention in this grotesquerie:
  • The central role of UNRWA, ostensibly an agency that exists to ameliorate the suffering of Arab refugees (Palestinian Arab refugees to be more precise) but in reality a cornerstone of the seven-decades-long Arab strategy to keep the Palestinian Arabs displaced, as miserable as possible and in the news – ought to be acknowledged at this point. By their own reckoning, they play a huge role in the education of Palestinian Arab children. They are certainly part of the problem and not of the solution.
  • Amnesty International‘s increasingly explicit identification with the practitioners of the Palestinian Arab brand of terror makes plain their abandonment of principle and betrayal of their supporters’ values. As we have noted several times [most recently here: “20-Sep-16: Another Pal Arab boy with a knife died today – exactly as the PA intended him to“], there’s no longer anything to expect from them.

More than 80 of our blog posts have the tag “Weaponizing Children“. This would be an excellent time to re-acquaint ourselves with the betrayal of, and the outrages perpetrated on, the children of Palestinian Arab society by those responsible for their well-being.

It’s a reality that’s difficult to deny or ignore though plenty of reporters and their editors nonetheless do just that.

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