April 18, 2021

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15-Mar-17: Again tonight: A Gazan rocket in search of Israelis

From a documentary video about Sdot Negev [here]

A rocket from Gaza crashed into southern Israel tonight around 10:15 pm, landing in the Sdot Negev region in what Ynet calls “an empty and uninhabited field“. No injuries are reported at this stage, and no property damage. This, it bears repeating, was not the intention of the attackers doing the firing.

In a compact country, Sdot Negev – though relatively remote from the population centers of Israel – is hardly devoid of people. It includes within its boundaries 16 communities made up of two kibbutzim, twelve moshavim and two communal settlements. The population of Sdot Negev is mostly made up of Israelis from the Dati Leumi (“Modern Orthodox”) stream.

Despite the depressing frequency of missile attacks from the rocket-rich nearby Gaza Strip, Sdot Negev’s population has grown by an estimated 55% [Even Rockets Can’t Keep Israelis Away From Towns Near the Gaza Strip“, Haaretz, May 31, 2012] in the five years up to 2012. The explanation seems to be connected to high quality of life of communities in the region.

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