February 21, 2020

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Yet more Miftah antisemitism: Claiming Jews poison Arab wells


Hanan Ashrawi’s Miftah organization has spread every single popular antisemitic meme from millenia of Jew-hatred.

This means that it must have accused Jews of poisoning the wells of Palestinians, right?

Of course!

From a 2007 article by Elias Akleh published on Miftah:

The first lesson an Israeli child learns is the most racist, chauvinist, prejudiced, religiously extremist, homo-phobic lesson of the persecuted (prejudice) God’s chosen people in God’s Promised Land. The Israeli child discovers that he has the Jewish divine birth right of being God’s chosen, and that this divine privilege comes with the envy, the anti-Semitic hatred, and the persecution the others (the Goyim; other people) inflicted on him. He learns that these Goyims are mere animal souls incarnated in human bodies for the service and pleasure of the God’s chosen people.

God is still talking to Israeli Rabbis to direct Israel in its war against the Arabs. Israeli Rabbis publish religious decrees sanctifying Israelis’ aggression against Palestinians. Rabbi “Murdachai Eliahu”, Israel’s previous Chief Rabbi, published religious decrees calling for genocide of all Palestinians as a religious duty. Rabbi “Eleazar Malmid” published religious decrees encouraging Israelis to steal and burn Palestinian crops, to kill their farm animals, and to poison their water wells. 

Obviously none of this is true. Mahmoud Abbas made a similar accusation and only walked it back when the Western media called him on it.

It is yet another example of antisemitism in Miftah, and in Palestinian society as a whole.

Miftah is one of the more moderate Palestinian NGOs. Palestinian antisemitism is baked in from birth, but the West is loathe to mention it, as if telling the truth is too shameful. Much easier to keep blaming Israel for all the problems of the region, which strengthens Palestinian hate for Jews.

(Another offensive article was also discovered, proposing that Jews in Israel all relocate to Russia’s Birobidzhan.)

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