January 21, 2021

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Yemen columnist, after being insultingly called a Jew, says there is nothing wrong with being Jewish


I reported last week about a Houthi leader in Yemen who insulted the other Yemenis by saying that they were donkeys and descended from Jews.

Remarkably, a Yemeni columnist at Al Tagheer, Dr. Abdo el Bahsh, argues that being called Jewish isn’t an insult:

I do not know what is the defect in the Jewish religion, and I do not know what is lacking in the children of Israel, whom God preferred to the worlds. Therefore, I find myself compelled to respond to the rebuke and to make clear to the readers that the Jewish religion is a monotheistic religion. The affiliation with the children of Israel is also one of the things that man cherishes. He is proud of the fact that the Israelites are the nation whom God honored by giving the prophets. Therefore I declare that I am very proud that my ancestors were Jewish donkeys.

This is something a Western liberal would write in response to a racist statement. I’ve never seen anything like this in Arabic media.

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