May 27, 2018

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"Why Are You Boycotting Israel, Why Aren’t You Boycotting Iran …?" (videos)

By Daphne Anson


Outside Sotheby’s in London, a gaggle of familiar figures unfurl their flags and unleash their slander of Israel; it’s the same old stuff, screamed by Sandra, the lady with the beautiful hair and powerful lungs, except that, rather early in the footage (so no need to stay around for the raucous ranting), passers by (I counted three in all) politely challenge the demonisers.

A second Alex Seymour video from the Old Dart, featuring, to a background track of a tinkling old joanna, footsteps hurrying past a demonstration by the Kick Apartheid Israel Out of Fifa brigade outside the stadium where Spurs and Watford are about to play.

Suddenly, the dulcet tones of Alex Seymour/Seymour Alexander himself are heard, interviewing the loquacious Irishman with whose face and voice we have all become so well-acquainted.

Some time ago, the latter and the grey-haired woman who appears in the above video as a sidekick (no pun intended) to Sandra had a habit of boarding London Tube trains and reciting anti-Israel “poetry” to the hapless captive audience.

But this man’s main shtik is getting Israel kicked out of FIFA, and as he regretfully explains on camera, there’s no chance of that happening this year.  But it might happen next.
Oh, and talking of next year, how’s this for whacko?

Mischievous, actually.  So very mischievous and evil indeed.

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