July 11, 2020

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"When They Say Zionists They Mean Jews": Vox Pop outside PalExpo (videos)


By Daphne Anson


Outside PalExpo in London not long ago, pro- and anti-Israel  (members of Friends of Al-Aqsa, according to the uploader) proponents clash, in verbal jousting that sometimes gets hot and heavy, with the markedly outnumbered “Zionists,” at least one of whom – Jonathan Hoffman in the lilac-coloured shirt – was refused a ticket to the Expo, valiantly standing their ground..

One of the Israel-demonisers betrays his stereotypes about Jews with a crack about spending their money on Rolex watches…   He seems reluctant or unable to reply to the question “Why are there no Jews in Pakistan?”

The avowed ex-policeman in the rather startling tee-shirt (X-rated at first glance?) carries out a goody bag of Palestinian purchases, and declares “I’m British … I’m objective” …


More sparring here:


“When they say Zionists they mean Jews”observes the stalwart Mr Hoffman:


(Have a look at other videos on YouTube by the uploader, Eye On Antisemitism Monitoring)

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