March 9, 2021

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What a coincidence! The PLO gives $2.6M to Harvard, Harvard hires PLO official Saeb Erakat as a fellow!

I recently reported that Harvard University named serial liar and PLO propagandist Saeb Erakat to be a Fellow, teaching diplomacy this year.
The Clarion Project looked at what foreign nations give donations to American universities and colleges. It is no secret that many countries give lots of money to influence US curricula. Most give to several universities.
The Palestinian Authority itself only gave money to one university in the US.
Guess which one.
Even though the Palestinian Authority gets virtually all of its money from the West and it is always begging for more, somehow it found in its budget $2.6 million to give to Harvard. And by some sort of crazy coincidence, now Saeb Erakat is free to push his lies on today’s Harvard students.

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