July 10, 2020

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UNRWA-USA implies that Palestinians are naturally violent


On September 26, UNRWA’s American friends will lobby Congress to support the organization.

Here’s their blurb:

On Thursday, September 26, the relay runners [from another promotion] will be joined by UNRWA alumni, people who attended UNRWA schools and now live in the United States, for our first-ever Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill, including meetings with key lawmakers and their staff to educate them on how UNRWA’s work represents a good humanitarian investment that also supports the national security interests of our country.

How, exactly, does donating to UNRWA support the USA’s national interests?

They provide free housing, medical care and schooling to descendants of refugees from 1948. UNRWA-USA says that if those free services are discontinued, there will be threats to the US. The clear implication is that if Palestinian “refugees” don’t continue to receive their free benefits, they will turn violent and attack US interests.

UNHCR doesn’t beg for money by claiming that the refugees they help (who get a tiny fraction of the services UNRWA provides) will turn violent without it. No one says that the US should start to give free services to the poor of sub-Saharan Africa or other impoverished regions for national security reasons.

No, only Palestinians must be funded, forever, at the implied risk of them attacking Western targets if not.

Of all the people who need help in the world, only Palestinians are assumed to be naturally violent.

Besides the fact that this is quite racist, it brings up the question: If Palestinians are assumed to turn violent when they don’t get what they want, is that a reason to fund them – or an excellent reason not to fund them?

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