January 25, 2022

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UK Israel-Haters Lilt New (& Not So New) Lyrics


By Daphne Anson


A sweet and gentle ballad from Scottish PSC chief Napier’s forces:

Maybe it will be translated into Spanish, to the rhythm of castanets.

Don’t miss, by the way, Khaled Abu Toameh’s article on a brave Palestinian Arab friend of Israel here

Meanwhile, rather disturbing, yet so utterly predictable in a way which supports the writer’s point, is the suspension from Britain’s Labour Party of a prominent Jewish donor, Cornwall-based Michael Foster, who in the Mail on Sunday last month forthrightly denounced the hard left antisemitism gripping the party.

On social media yesterday, the left-leaning Zionist David Hirsch, of the Engageonline website, summed up Corbyn in able terms:

When Corbyn is challenged about antisemitism he does not respond in a straight and honest way. The thing is, he usually understands the issue better than the journalist or the member of the public who is asking him and he takes advantage of that fact to shimmy round it.

So he does three things. (1) he reassures everyone that he is against antisemitism and all racism. *obviously*. (2) acts all hurt and angry and he explains that there is a difference between support for the Palestinians, backing the peace process and criticizing Israel on the one hand, and antisemitism on the other. And (3) he implies that he is being asked in bad faith by Tories and Zionists; that the people who worry about antisemitism are only pretending to be worried and they know very well that the charge is disgraceful and dishonest. 

What Corbyn knows very well but pretends not to is that the issue is about his political support for antisemitic movements and individuals. When he said that he believes Hamas and Hezbollah are forces for peace and justice in the Middle East, he did not mis-speak, that is what he believes. He believes that Zionism and imperialism are the primary oppressive forces in the world and he sides with those who oppose Zionism and imperialism, no matter how unpleasant they may be and no matter how he may find this or that thing they do or believe to be distasteful. Corbyn is not only critical of Israel; he supports some of those who hate Jews, he supports the exclusion of Israelis from the human community and he encourages people to regard the overwhelming majority of Jews as enemies.

Corbyn knows that there is a relationship between his political support for those who want Israel wiped out and the incidents of open antisemitism which he is asked to ‘deal with’. He knows that there is a political problem of antisemitism in the Labour Party and he knows it begins with him and his own faction. But he does not respond to this challenge straightforwardly and honestly.

The Chakrabarti inquiry was this pantomime of obfuscation played out on a formal and public stage. 

See too a recent thoughtful article on the Engageonline website here

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