March 24, 2023

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Tunisians upset at IDF version of an Arab hit song

A few days ago, IDF Arabic spokesman Avichai Adraee posted what appears to the the acoustic introduction of a popular Arabic song, popularized by a Tunisian artist, done by IDF soldiers.

 The song is “Ya Lili” by Tunisian artist Mohamed Saleh Balti together with a child. Adraee wrote that this is “The Tunisian song that stole the hearts of the world. Now a performance by IDF soldiers.”

There are dozens of articles in Arabic media denouncing the IDF performing a popular Arab song, especially from Tunisia.

This seems to be a series. Yesterday Adraee posted another IDF version of a popular Arab song:

He also asks what other popular Arabic songs IDF’s Arab Facebook fans might want to see covered by the IDF.

Some of the comments on Adraee’s Facebook page are quite positive.

While this might not seem to be a major story, it shows again the difference between the positions of Israeli Jews and most (but not all) Arabs.

The IDF versions of the songs are not meant to be theft or parody; they are tributes to Arab music. If an Arab army or artist would create a cover of a popular Israeli song as a tribute, Israelis wouldn’t be upset – they’d be thrilled.

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