March 24, 2023

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Arabs complain that Jewish women playing laser tag are heavily armed settlers

These photos are causing a stir in Arabic media.

News site are saying “Settlers are storming Nablus with machine guns.”

Have you ever seen soldiers carry guns like this? Smiling while pointing at each other?

This is the Sebastia National Park in Samaria. Even though it is in Area C, it is surrounded by Arab villages. Because of the danger from those villages, Jews can only go to with prior notice, and under army protection, but it is an important archaeological site/park. 
The women are playing paintball or perhaps laser tag around the old Ottoman train station there, which is also in Area C. They have every right to be there. 

Notably, the Palestinian Authority has been encroaching on the area of the train station in recent years, essentially doing a land grab by paving roads and doing other heavy equipment tasks around there. Regavim has details. 
A typical reaction to this “heavily armed settler incursion” comes from this Facebook guy who thinks that it is normal for religious Jewish women in long skirts to carry machine guns.

Oooh. such cutting sarcasm!

(h/t Tomer Ilan)

UPDATE: Gidon Shaviv is pretty sure it is Laser Tag.

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