July 12, 2020

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To those who claim Israel doesn’t care about Palestinian lives


I was upset when I saw Brant Rosen, a Reconstructionist-ordained anti-Zionist rabbi, suggest that Jews should say Psalms for Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

Sickeningly, this was retweeted by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association.

I responded:
He didn’t respond.
A day later I tweeted out two articles (Distinction and Proportionality) I wrote in 2014 about Gaza and international law, pointing out that people who claim Israel is guilty of war crimes simply do not know a thing about international law. I tagged Rosen.
He responded, instead of answering my question, by trying to ask me a “gotcha” question:
Well, that’s easy! I responded immediately:
I didn’t even mention roof knocking, or that  US military brass come to Israel to learn how to minimize casualties, or the reports from major military figures worldwide that assert that no one does more than Israel to minimize civilian casualties. 
People like Brant Rosen use Electronic Intifada as their Torah and Philip Weiss as their prophet. For someone to call himself a rabbi and yet revel in his ignorance about a conflict that he spends so much time opining on is mind blowing.
The mentality of Jewish haters of Israel could fill a psychology textbook.

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